All You Needed to Know About The Candida Cleanse Diet

candida-cleanse-dietCandida cleanse diet may sound strange to most of us, I mean how can a diet get rid of a fungus? It may sound logistically unrealistic, but honestly it is one of the most effective methods of get rid of Candida fungus from your body once and for all

What is a Candida Cleanse Diet?

Basically, it is a 3 stage method made to perform two things:

1. Starve The Candida Fungus.

The best way to kill fungus is to starve it. The foods we love that contain refined carbons, sugar and mold are candida favorites as well and so to kill the fungus, it means not eating these foods.

2. Eliminate the sensitives/allergens.

If your immune system is compromised due to overwork, the candida will take a grip within your body. Food sensitives/allergies are huge contributors to this. Unfortunately, most of us do not have an idea of what our bodies are sensitive to.

How complicated is the Candida Cleanse Diet?

To be honest, the most complicated part of the dist is the initial stages which involve creating a menu of the foods you can consume. Cooking is no big deal and it’s actually quicker than the preparation itself.

How much does a Candida Cleanse Diet cost?

The total cost of this diet completely depends on your ability to get fresh veggies.

Stage 1 of the Candida Diet:

Stage one of the candida cleanse diet is the most important if you want to completely regain your health. This stage involves attacking the fungus by taking away its source of food and getting rid of the foods that distract the immune system so that it can focus on killing the fungus. Here are examples of the foods that you will need to remove from your diet.; Sugar,carbohydrates,starch,mold,yeast,wheat, gluten fermented foods alcohol and dairy

Stage 2 of the Candida Cleanse Diet:

Here, you get to slowly add foods into your diet. It is advisable to add one food at a time to avoid overloading your digestive system all at once. In addition, you will get to know if you have any reaction to that particular food. It is essential to note whether you feel any kind of reaction after very addition, even if it is just the heart rate that goes up. Keeping a food dairy is a good idea at this stage.

Stage 3 of the Candida Cleanse Diet:

At the final stage, you will have successfully reintroduced your body to most foods and you will be able to resume to the normal diet. To make it better, even the occasional pizza can go into the diet menu!

The Candida Cleanse Diet is a great way of getting rid of he fungus also a fantastic way of helping identify the type of foods that may be suppressing your immune system. However, to be completely recovered, you will also need candida cleanse kit to heal the damages caused by the fungus and assist your other body organs deal with the candida fungus.

Detox Resort Thailand: A Journey to Candida Cleanse

A detox resort in Thailand can be the key to a healthier you. In Thailand, many people are booking a stay in a detox retreat to unwind fully and be able to relax in every sense of the word. A holiday detox will help you recharge your batteries and allow you to combat stress. Ultimate relaxation is the promise of every detox resort Thailand has to offer. If you have the time to spare, spend a few weeks alone with a team of wellness experts who will help you achieve a healthier body, mind and soul. If you have neglected your body for a long time, give yourself a chance to achieve a great sense of well-being.

At a detox resort Thailand, you will be able to do the following:

Fully relax with no interruptions

detox retreats thailandWhen was the last time you went gadget free even for an entire day? When was the last time you took a long serious break—free from commitments, free from deadlines, and free from the demands of everyday life. Probably never.

Quiet your mind

Our subconscious can absorb negative thoughts and energy so fast that you may be surprised how much crap goes inside your head on a regular basis. Defeating thoughts, fear, and limiting beliefs are caused by exposure to stimuli that affect the natural balance of our mentality. When you are at a detox spa Thailand, you will have plenty of time to meditate and quiet those mental critters that zap your energy.

Feed candida will the right food

Cleansing diet is something that is used in holiday detox Thailand spas because the body needs to free itself from toxins in order to regain its state of harmony. Inside the spa, you will be given a lot of raw food—colorful fruits and refreshing vegetables to help clean your insides.

Get in touch with your spirituality

Our modern lifestyle usually deprives us of one thing—time devoted to our spirituality. When the world is busy and there are a lot of things going on, it is so hard to reflect and look within. This is something you can do at a detox retreat in Thailand.


เลือกทานน้ำมันงาดำสกัดเย็น จะได้รับ ประโยชน์ของน้ำมันงา อย่างครบถ้วน น้ำมันงาดำที่ผ่านความร้อนจะมีสารอาหารและแร่ธาตุที่หายไป รับประทานอาหารให้ครบหมู่ และรับประทานน้ำมันงาดำสกัดเย็นต่อเนื่องเป็นประจำ จะได้รับแคลเซียมที่ช่วยเสริมสร้างกระดูกในร่างกาย และยังช่วยลดอาการอักเสบของข้อเสื่อม

Slow down aging

thailand detox resortStress, pollution, and processed food all speed up aging. Take these three away from the picture and you’ll be able to regain the youthful feeling that you once had. Age is just a number they say and once you cleanse the body and free your mind from worries, you will feel young again.

Achieve clarity

Most people go through life without knowing their purpose. That’s sad. To know your purpose is the key to self fulfillment. At health retreat Koh Samui, you will have plenty of time to reflect, focus, and figure out what you really want in life. You won’t be able to achieve a level of clarity if you don’t detach yourself for a while. If you want to have a better quality of life, dedicate some of your time for yourself and go on a detox retreat.


การบริโภคน้ำมันรำข้าวเป็นอาหารเสริมเป็นทางเลือกอีกทางที่จะช่วยให้ร่างกายของเรารับสารอาหารครบถ้วนแต่ว่าการเลือกซื้อ น้ำมันรำข้าว ที่ดีควรจะต้องตรวจสอบดูว่ามีการรับรองมาตรฐานเกษตรอินทรีย์ในระดับสากลหรือไม่